It’s a happiness to work in the community with other local natural health practitioners, healing centers and other sources for health-conscious foods and products.


I am delighted to provide an herbal pharmacy service to these skilled local Naturopaths and their clients:

Dr. Stacy Mulkey, ND
Namaste Health Center
, Durango

Dr. Nancy Utter, ND
Durango Natural Medicine
, Durango



The following local stores make your access to Hummingbird’s excellent herbal medicine even easier:

Nature’s Oasis, Durango

Durango Natural Foods, Durango

Ridgway Natural Foods, Ridgway, CO

Moonflower Market, Moab, UT

tea-cafe-image-smRestaurants / Cafes

Hummingbird’s herbal teas are currently available for your enjoyment at:

East by Southwest, Durango

If you or anyone you know would like to work with us in offering Hummingbird Herbals products elsewhere, please let us know!

clients-sayClient Feedback

“I have used Hummingbird’s herbals, and other herbals, for years to treat a number of minor, and major, problems. I have found that I am immensely better off using herbals from trusted herbalists like Hummingbird than I would be with the rather virulent products of the pharmaceutical industry. Herbals go to the cause of the ailment, and not just to stopping symptoms, which I feel is essential to treatment and a permanent cure. And your expertise is essential in matching my ailments with the proper herbal. I also go to an osteopath who treats only with herbals.

Hummingbird Herbals’ website is easy to understand and maneuver through when ordering, and my herbals are delivered promptly and packaged securely against breakage. The prices are also very reasonable when I have compared them to more commercially prepared herbals in health food stores — and I can buy the tinctures in a variety of bottle sizes. In short, I am extremely grateful for the expertise and availability of herbals. What would I do without you?”
-TK, Mancos CO

“I tried several different herbal teas at Hummingbird and all of them are extremely fresh, great quality and have made a difference in my health and well being. I replaced my caffeinated teas with Hummingbird Herbals, and have better energy and am more relaxed than I have been in many years. I enjoy the small business service and personal touch, Joslyn has been very helpful. I finally found a great resource for fresh, organic herbal formulas. Thank you for making such tasty healthy teas!”
-DL, New Hartford CT

“It is such a pleasure to work with Joslyn. She is passionate about her work and considers her clients’ achieving good health her greatest reward. She is always helpful and accommodating, getting my order filled faster than any local pharmacy. When she wishes you ‘Health and Blessings’, she really means it”!
-DS, Durango CO

“Hummingbird Herbals is my “go to” herb company. Don’t know if I ever mentioned, but I found your products about 10 years ago when my husband and I were traveling to the national parks in our little motor home. I needed something for my sinuses when we stopped in the little town of Moab, Utah, and found a cute health food store. There you were, and you were just what I needed.”
-KU, Rio Vista CA

“I have been taking the Pain Soother for my lower back pain that I have sometimes, and I noticed that it helped me fall asleep at night and stay asleep… just love it!!! I take a few drops every night before bed… Thanks for making such wonderful products!”
-SS, Rochester Hills MI

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