herbs-signHummingbird Herbals is a small herb company located in Durango, Colorado. We are happy to be entering our 28th year of offering high quality herbal tinctures, teas and body care – all made by hand with love – as well as personal, caring service to assist in your healing and well-being.

All of our products are made in-house with care from fresh or freshly dried herbs so that they are at their most potent. We ethically wildharvest and grow as many of the herbs ourselves as we can to ensure quality and origin. Others come from trusted organic growers and other herbalists, locally first whenever possible. And, our tinctures are made with organic, non-gmo, hypo-allergenic cane alcohol.

We look forward to sharing our remedies from nature with you, and wish you health and blessings!

Area Partners

If you’re in the Durango area, in addition to coming in to the Hummingbird Herbals office and botanical pharmacy most weekdays between 11am and 3pm (or outside of those times by request), you can also find our herbal products at Durango Natural Foods and Nature’s Oasis in Durango, and at Moonflower Market in Moab, Utah.

You can also stop and enjoy a cup of one of our freshly brewed herbal tea blends at East By Southwest restaurant in Durango.